Sales Creating ways to connect advertisers with audiences.

What's Sales?

Our sales team is responsible for generating revenue by selling advertising and other content solutions to advertisers.

What do we do?

At TVNZ, Sales is less about 'selling stuff' and more about finding new, creative and effective ways for advertisers to connect with their audiences. Sometimes we do that by helping them choose the right channels or shows to buy ads in, sometimes it's about online solutions and sometimes we work with clients to create brand new content to promote their brands.

Who does well in Sales?

Our sales team all have great people skills. They know how to build, and maintain awesome relationships, they're commercially astute, have a solid grasp of numbers - and they know how to have fun.

Marketing Bringing viewers closer to our programmes and brands.

What's Marketing?

Our marketing team help make our shows famous. They create campaigns to build our on-air and online brands and grow viewership.

What do we do?

Marketing is all about understanding who might watch a particular show and developing relevant promotions and events to encourage those people to watch. Our team includes experts in marketing strategy, brand management, publicity and media planning.

Who does well in Marketing?

Marketing people use both sides of the brain. They need the creative ability to understand ideas, but they also need to analyse numbers and report back on success. On top of that, all good marketers truly understand what it is that makes people tick.

Product Connecting Kiwis with their choice of content online.

What's Product?

The Product team is responsible for getting our content onto the closest screen, whether that's your desktop, a PlayStation, your tablet or your phone.

What do they do?

The Product team, develop, maintain and refine TVNZ OnDemand so that Kiwis can see their favourite content, when, where and how they like. They also look after to keep people up to date with news about their favourite shows and maintain constant flow of news information through 1 NEWS NOW. These are the things you see, but in the background the Product team also explore new business opportunities through emerging platforms and distribution channels and use data to help improve the experience for viewers and advertisers across all TVNZ digital properties.

Who does well in Product?

If you know your Hashtags from your Hyperlinks, have great attention to detail and know how to think blue-sky with your feet firmly grounded in reality, you'll fit in just great with our Product team.

Business Partners Behind the scenes: the business behind the business.

Who are Business Partners?

TVNZ Business Partners work mostly behind the scenes, keeping the cogs turning and making the business work. This is where you'll find People & Talent, Finance, Facilities, Legal and Corporate Affairs.

What do we do?

Our People & Talent team looks after our people. They attract and develop all of the awesome talent at TVNZ. From partnering and strategizing with the business units to keep TVNZ'ers up with the pace of the industry, to making sure everyone gets paid. People and Talent take pride in TVNZ being a great place to work and our people loving what they do.

The Finance team looks after the numbers. This includes jobs like making sure the bills are paid, as well as more complex roles in management accounting and financial services, plus offering expert advice on commercial management and business transformation.

The Facilities team look after everything that keeps TVNZ humming; from getting people through the door at reception, getting mail in and out of the building making sure the building is in good working order. They also see that our people make it happen and get to where they need to be, in the right mode of transport.

Our Legal and Corporate Affairs team helps us manage our risk. The Legal team makes sure we operate within the law. The Standards team keeps an eye on our content and manages complaints if people think we've broken the rules. And the Corporate Affairs team manages our business reputation and relationships with external stakeholders.

Who makes a good Business Partner?

There are many different roles that partner with the business, as long as you know what you are doing, are savvy and work well with all people at different levels across the business; and most importantly 'get' what we do, you'll fit right in.

News and Current Affairs Connecting Kiwis with their choice of content online.

What do we do?

The lights in the News and Current Affairs Department never go out. On the Broadcast side they start with Breakfast at 6am, followed by 1 NEWS bulletins and Seven Sharp before finishing the day with Tonight. This team researches and delivers Current Affairs shows, like Sunday, 20/20, Fair Go and Q&A. They also generate stories for 1 NEWS NOW, which provides breaking news as it happens 24/7 to your closest screen.

Each of these shows has a different angle on things that are important to New Zealanders and while there's lots going on on-air and online, there's even more happening behind the scenes. Our newsgathering team includes reporters, who chase stories, interview people, script and edit the stories. Then there are camera crews who travel with our reporters and a team of producers back in the newsroom who work on these stories for news bulletins. Then there's studio crew, graphics, audio and presenters who are all involved in getting the stories to air.

Who does well in News & Current Affairs?

Journalism is a specialist field; you need to know how to chase a story, work as a team and believe strongly in delivering the best. People that succeed here are passionate about what that they do, and work tirelessly to bring New Zealand the stories that matter as quickly as possible.

Creative Creating engaging promotions that encourage people to watch.

What's Creative?

They're a hotbed of creativity and craft. They look after creative direction, copy writing, editing, production and campaign management for TVNZ and some of our advertisers.

What do they do?

This includes people from various backgrounds with very different skillsets. Creatives and designers will come up with ideas for a particular promotion and decide how a particular campaign should look and feel. Campaign Management manage the whole process to make sure things happen on time and on budget.

Who does well in our Creative team?

It's a fast-paced, buzzing environment made up of specialist artists and technicians. People who thrive here work well with a vision, are ready to roll up their sleeves, have a go and make things happen.

Content Discovering and delivering the content Kiwis love.

What's Content?

This team chooses the programmes you see on screen. Whether it's a local show or an overseas favourite, the people in this team create or buy it.

What do they do?

The Content team go out and buy the shows you love, find new international content and commission shows here in New Zealand so we can see more of ourselves on screen. One part of the job is maintaining relationships with overseas studios and content providers. Another is working with local production companies to create and screen locally made content. And the third major job for the Content team is creating and managing all our peak and off-peak programming schedules.

Who does well in Content?

People who work in the Content team enjoy a fast-paced, creative atmosphere; have strong commercial understanding and a wealth of industry experience. They know a good show when they see it, and they know what New Zealanders want to watch.

Technology Delivering the systems that make things happen.

What's Technology?

The Technology department defines, buys, builds and supports the systems that keep our business buzzing. From computers to cameras to the kit that helps us broadcast it's all managed by Technology.

What do we do?

This team is on call, right around the clock. They source and support numerous technology systems across a broad range of activities. These include cameras, recording systems, engineering design, studio production systems, high-end edit platforms and much, much more. If it has bits, bytes or flashing lights there's every chance the technology team built it; or they maintain it; or they answer the phone 24/7 to help people understand how to use it.

Who does well in Technology?

Our technology team seriously knows its stuff. They all speak fluent tech. They have plenty of patience to help when people feel stressed by their kit and the vision to design and build things that most of us wouldn't even think of.

Media Operations Making sure the right content goes to air.

What's Media Operations?

The Media Operations team is all about getting the right content to the right place at the right time.

What do they do?

This team quality checks everything we watch and get things ready for broadcast, while also making sure everything complies with New Zealand Broadcasting Standards. They also receive and process international content, maintain and grow the TVNZ Archive and look after all of the audio descriptions and captioning on our shows. This is the engine room that gets content to air, whether it's the shows that we love or making sure the right ads play when they are supposed to, and if there are any issues this team are quick to react before it becomes a problem for our viewers.

Who does well in Media Operations?

Many of the different jobs within Media Operations are fairly technical and require strong attention to detail. If you love watching shows, this is where you find the chance to do it- for a job.

Production Services Work the behind the scenes magic with their craft.

What's Production Services?

Production Services work the behind the scenes magic with their craft. They look after production and post-production for TVNZ and some of our advertisers.

What do they do?

Production Services includes a range of technical specialists. Editors collect content from different places and bring it together into something new. Post-production artists mix sound together and add visual effects. And Production Managers look after the technical side of cameras, sound, lighting and action.

Who does well in Production Services?

You will know your bits and bobs when it comes to production and have the skills to help make a production great, whether it's putting one of our shows to air, editing a final cut or adding the sound bites.

Working with us.

Join us for new experiences, every day.


Everyone is lovely, everyone is keen to have good yarns, and everyone is choice.
-- Austin King
It keeps you on your toes and is constantly changing so there's never a chance of getting bored.
-- Jeremy Hansen
Every day, we work with stories. It does not get better than that.
-- Amie Mills
There's great personal satisfaction of knowing that I play a part in delivering great content to New Zealanders!
-- Alisha Parsottam
A crazy, intense, fast changing, never boring and ultimately very rewarding workplace.
-- Andrew Blakey
I like being part of business which is in such a huge number of New Zealander's lives.
-- Cate Slater
You're never short of something to talk about around the BBQ!!
-- Andrew Blakey
Being here is like getting a ringside seat to all of New Zealand's most exciting moments.
-- Jeremy Hansen
No day is the same, there's always something crazy going on and everyone's like a big, somewhat eccentric but passionate family!
-- Courtney Ramsdale
It can be hectic but it is awesome fun.
-- Chris Chang
I've wanted to work at TVNZ for as long as I can remember.
-- Courtney Ramsdale
Everyone really goes out of their way to make sure you are supported in your work and are having fun.
-- Mark Fleming
It's all about team work. Although at times it's very stressful it's so great how everyone pulls together to get the show to air.
-- Anna Colquhoun
No day is the same, which is why I love this job.
-- Amie Mills
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